Thursday, July 2, 2015

These Books - Big Venerable and Twilight of the Idiots - and This Podcast, Episode One Hundred and Eleven - Anarchic Non Sequiturs - by and starring, the Matt Rowan and Joseph G. Peterson respectively - Will Change Your Life.

We are so podcast. We are also old friends in the Matt Rowan and Joseph G. Peterson, who themselves are former podcastees with El Presidente and Timbre. Or Tamber. respectively. Not to mention Franz Kafka, Herman Melville, Lindsay Hunter, George Saunders, Sam Irby, David Mamet David Foster Wallace, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and The Simpsons.

Yet, as if all that was not enough, that's not all, not even remotely, because we are Big Venerable by the Rowan and Twilight of the Idiots by the Peterson too. Both are recent releases from Chicago's own Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, which had us wondering how these books just might hang together? And we think it has something to do with systems. Rowan seeks to understand the systems that imprison and embrace us - integrating themselves into our lives as they overwhelm with language and rules - even as he rails against them with an absurdity and wit that both mocks and models the absurdities of the institutions themselves. Of further note, is that Rowan's previous work Why God Why was a collection of stories short and fast, death by a thousand little cuts as it were, but in contrast, Big Venerable lets the humor breathe, the stories now expanded, the lives captured within richer for the effort. 

With Twilight of the Idiots, Peterson goes in a new direction as well, but in his case, he goes smaller, providing us with a collection of "yarns" after a career of novels and epic poem. The characters crafted within are certainly Peterson's people though, blue collar and raging, stumbling down streets, being tossed into bogs and frying fish, while all the while lurking outside the systems, and there's that word again, that won't have them, will never welcome them and are all too happy to pretend they don't exist. But they do exist in Peterson's mind, and like Rowan's people, on the page, fresh from CClaP, available now, and more than willing to change your life, if only for a moment. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The New York Stories Stand By Me Twitter hype there is. And most humbled by that comparison we are.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The new edition of This Zine Will Change Your Life is live. All Dungeon. And full of Porter.

The new edition of This Zine Will Change Your Life is live, and we are thrilled to have new story, Dungeon Dragon's Owner Manual, by new friend, Jennifer Porter, and (almost) as always, photo action from Adam Lawrence, music curation from Jason Behrends and ACA prose love from Pete Anderson. We hope you enjoy this edition and we appreciate all shout-outs and links. Finally, please note, we are hoping more of you will submit comix, and music, novel excerpts, and art, and video, yes, video, and combinations there of. And most finally, Pride, yo.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On the great Matthew Modine, The Better Man Project, fathers, love, Buddha and the possibility that we may, or may not, have contributed to this piece at Men's Health.

For real. Yes. Maybe? Excerpt? Indeed.

"Life is an evolution, and you don't walk into it with all the answers. Evolution never ends. You’re never fully cooked. You don’t evolve to a certain moment, and then that’s it, you’ve learned everything you need to learn. Life should be a continual learning, and evolving experience.

There’s always going to be another challenge. Another obstacle to overcome. Another bathroom full of poop that you don’t want to clean, and you can’t believe you’re here, with a mop in your hand.

That’s a metaphor, obviously, but it’s an apt one. Life can be messy, and it can feel unfair, and it sometimes seems like you’re getting the raw end of the deal. But like my father taught me, sometimes the best thing to do is take a deep breath, let go of your anger, and tackle the problem."