Friday, September 19, 2014

The Anna March is Modern Love.

Yes, that Modern Love. And most wonderful it is. So do hit it, as it is sure to change your life as it has ours.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

This Book Will Change Your Life - Rabbit Punch! by the Greg Santos.

"There is no happiness like mine.
I have been eating poetry."
- Mark Strand, "Eating Poetry"

Travel. Read. Eat poetry. Happiness. We do not read enough poetry and every time we do, we say that here. There are poets we love. Jason Fisk. Though he claims he is not a poet. Laura Cherry. Seth Berg. BL Pawelek. Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal. We read them because they are so interesting, and aim so high, and because we are so biased, because we know them, publish them, and love them. And the Greg Santos is no different. We read him because when we first met him he wrote about the Hulk, and we loved that, because of his humor, and his use of pop culture. And here we are again, reading, and traveling, and eating poetry, in this case Rabbit Punch! by the Santos. Which again, we are biased, because we love him too, and because we are shallow and excited to see Hooray from This Zine Will Change Your Life and The Great Hoarder from Daddy Cool included in the collection. But it's more than that as well. Santos delights in language as he riffs on the "Macho Man," Paris Hilton and zombies, the work is full of joy, and when we read him we are happy. So, we do hope you will hit the Rabbit Punch!, as it will surely change your life, and we do hope you will suggest other poets we can eat, because we have a lot of love to give, we are happy to be happy, and we are really fucking hungry.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"This book is troubling and intense, and I highly recommend it." A Lucky Man resurrection there is. Too strong? Well, there is a rediscovery anyway.

And most appreciative for that we are. Excerpt? Word.

"My favorite thing about Lucky Man is the straightforward, easy voice Tanzer uses. I quickly found myself compelled to turn each page and also terrified to turn it. I both wanted to know what would happen next and dreaded it."

Sunday, September 14, 2014

These Books Will Change Your Life - King Shit, 33 Fragments of Sick-Sad Living, and The Mustache He's Always Wanted But Could Never Grow by the Brian Alan Ellis.

So we are travel and read and compulsion. We are also completist, which may have something to do with any author willing to pose in a bathtub, but may just as well have as much to do with availability and length of said books, and the ultimately unique slice sick-sad life said author aspires to capture and elevate into a literature all their own. Not that the collected works of Brian Alan Ellis - King Shit, 33 Fragments of Sick-Sad Living, and The Mustache He's Always Wanted But Could Never Grow - a novel, flash fictions, and a short story collection respectively, are wholly unique. There is a distinct Bukowski vibe to them, which cannot be ignored. But that is not intended as a criticism, it is instead an effort to create some context for work that speaks to a people that normally get so little attention: the blue collar, under-employed denizens who haunt grim, dead-end neighborhoods, bars, and couches, as they try to figure out how to get laid, fix there fucked-up relationships, find work, or care for their damaged family members, all of whom exist in some near dank netherworld, that so many of us scurry by on the way to somewhere else. But there is no scurry here, there is love and affection, because these are Ellis' people, and he cares about them, and whether as in King Shit, he is following them on a night long journey of drugs and violence going nowhere fast, albeit as humorously as possible; The Mustache He's Always Wanted But Could Never Grow, and its longing and fucked relationships, any and all of which, are also going nowhere fast; or 33 Fragments of Sick-Sad Living, and its protagonist's lonely, piecemeal, going nowhere fast life, Ellis knows these characters like few others writing right now, they deserve their stage, and they have been gifted with an able chronicler, who is sure to change your life, just as he has changed theirs.